Imasco Performing Arts Awards

Award Type: Award

Award Value: $3478

Year Level: 2nd, 3rd

Full-time AMPD undergraduate students majoring in performance studies in any of the School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design disciplines such as dance, music and theatre. VAAH students are eligible if they demonstrate they are performance artists.

Application Requirements:

Eligibility Criteria:
  • Must Demonstrate Financial Need
  • Must be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or protected person
  • Must be a resident of Ontario
  • OSOTF – Residency information required
  • Must be Undergraduate Student

Additional Eligibility Criteria
  • Must be enrolled in 2nd or 3rd year at the time of application, and returning to continue full-time studies in AMPD in the following fall semester
  • Must demonstrate sound academic standing.
  • Students must submit a personal statement outlining outstanding ability and achievement in one or more of the performing arts, as demonstrated through their work in the studio and in public performance.

Note: Award value is subject to change